Dr. Vinay Tripathi holds a post doctoral work in anthropology and is the founder of the Probability Gaming India. An anthropologist by profession, he is an alumnus of the University of Hyderabad. Dr Tripathi’s works in several domains are centred on upgrading societies and raising societal standards. He is keen to bring stability in the social lives of those who are into wholesome recreation and is focussed in sustenance of the communities and families, in the fields of world water resource management, rural livelihoods, poverty, education and good health. Poised to root out economic and social instability, Dr Tripathi is currently spreading the need of creating economic awareness and social stability among different cultures and societies. In respect to societies with special focus on South- Asia, he is all set to create set values and build skills in the youth segment generation through multiple avenues such as numbers, soft skills and IT industry. Leisure may be respectably enjoyed in most societies only when work is put first and hence he wishes to put people first in terms of technology and livelihoods.