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Welcome to Wanted Slots.
The platform which allow gamers to enjoy various casino games without any real money online. We have more than 15 Slot games and many Table Games online being played by thousands of players.

Since 2014, our main vision is to be the leading player in the social casino gaming, and our vision seems to be true in the upcoming years.
Global Social Casino Gaming market is growing at a rapid pace with the adoption of advanced gaming technologies, rising income levels, low cost of games, increase in online content, and digital distribution, which allow users to download the content on their desktop as well as in their mobile phones.

Adam Krejcik, the firm’s head of digital and interactive gaming research, said the investment community no longer questions the value of social casino gaming. “The social casino is no longer viewed as a gateway to real money gambling in the U.S.,” Krejcik said, noting the $3 billion in revenue produced by social gaming in 2017. He expects that figure to rise to more than $6 billion by 2021.

The product also includes features like Invite Friend, Leader Board, Tournament, Daily Award Bonus as basic features. The different type of games can be created with Asian/Latin American/American/European themes.