3D Animator

Roles and Responsibilities:

Animation is the creation of a virtual world in which everything must be visualized and created from pure imagination. The 3D Animator brings an imagined universe and the characters that inhabit to life. Everything within frame has scope, weight and meaning. Animators need to be able to visualize new worlds into being.
The responsibilities of a 3D Animator may include:
•Liaising with animators and concept artists regarding the requirements of the project
•Working from concept art to create characters, objects, layouts, backgrounds, etc
•Researching visual style, genre and technologies to produce each individual project
•Sketching storyboards based on the script
•Identifying key scenes and sequences
•Transforming storyboards into animated sequences
•Creating illustrations, scanning and photo retouching
•Animating characters, creatures, props, vehicles, weapons, objects, etc
•Developing animation composites
•Amending artwork as per instruction from designers and developers
•Adapting to software upgrades and stay up to date with new technologies
•Managing files, asset libraries and update procedures documentation
•Working to a tight schedule
•Collaborating with lighting artist to deliver all assets required for final render
•Knowledge of rigging and skinning.
Software Used
•Specialising in Maya  3D animation
Relevant Experience:
2-3 years
1633A, 16th Floor, Max Tower, Sector 16B, Noida, India, 201301
Job Category: Art & Animation
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: delhi NCR

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